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Christine Bonney

Cell: 250-212-2352

Christine is an excellent coach.  She is very knowledgeable and helped me improve as a leader.
Joe C., Divisional Director – Civic Operations

Christine coaches leaders who are interested in learning more about themselves, others and their own leadership capacity. She works with individuals who want to think more strategically and act more deliberately and intentionally in an increasingly complex world. She believes that a significant challenge for leaders today is to connect people, processes and systems in ways that mutually benefit their organizations and the communities they serve.

Christine’s clients most value her ability to ask thought provoking questions that lead to new insights and practices. They experience her as a thoughtful, non-judgemental presence providing a “thinking space” in which to explore how work, relationships and principles can function in alignment to create value for organizations. The rate and pace of change today suggests that leaders can no longer rely on old formulas to produce new and innovative solutions to complex issues. These challenges require the time and space to develop a more strategic intelligence. Christine believes that for leaders to create generative solutions to complex issues they require the time to think and make meaning with others. This happens in the coaching relationship through exploring the client’s real world reflections and experiences. Coaching actively encourages people to incorporate new and diverse perspectives. The process supports a leader to consciously nurture meaningful experiences and, as a result, take meaningful action.
Christine holds a PhD in Leadership and Social Awareness from the University of British Columbia and a Certificate in Evidence-Based Coaching from Fielding University. She has served in senior leadership roles in both healthcare and the financial services industry and has worked as a change agent in large, complex, organizations. Her work has primarily focused on the transformational aspects of leadership and coaching for sustainable change.
Christine can be reached at or via phone (C) 250-212-7439.

Tidbits about Christine
  1. Loves to laugh (period!)
  2. Loves to travel and has experienced swimming in the Pacific, Atlantic, Mediterranean and Caribbean seas
  3. Barcelona is her favourite city with New York as a close second
  4. Eats sushi weekly and would have it daily if she could get her hands on it
  5. Is an avid runner because of the runner’s high…nothing else makes her feel quite that way
  6. Is a lover of beauty and seeks out ways to develop her “eye” through art and photography
  7. Is a contemplative, seeking out time to reflect on the world and who she is in it
  8. Has been married to her best friend for almost thirty years. He makes her laugh (see 1.)
  9. Thinks being a mother is the best thing ever. They make her laugh (see 1.)
  10. Believes that “being” is more important than “doing”
  11. Agrees with Woody Allen that 80% of life is showing up
  12. Is a dog person and believes with Mark Twain that “Heaven goes by favour; if it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in”
  13. Loves wine. It makes her laugh (see 1.)
  14. Reads voraciously
  15. Is a Vancouver girl
  16. Is a listener and a collector of people
  17. Loves to spend time with her close friends. They make her laugh (see 1.)
  18. Loves indie music and has been known to introduce her kids to new bands
  19. Favourite movie is The Fellowship of the Ring
  20. Detests public speaking
  21. Likes “keepin it real”
Tools Christine Uses

Certified in Meyers-Briggs (MBTI)

Skilled facilitator – applying years of leadership experience, coaching and a PhD in Leadership