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Gil Davidson Organisational & Leadership Agility Coach for C-suite and Senior Executives,

Principle and Founder
Phone: 250-860-2993
Cell: 250-215-1288

Gil is very good, she really keeps you accountable.  She cuts through the murkiness and says it the way it is, even  the difficult things.
Ian W., Manager – Park Services

I coach individuals and teams of Rising Stars. Those already in the executive-suite or who have the potential to be there.  Talented individuals and teams who want to grow their leadership.  As my clients move into higher leadership positions ambiguity and complexity increase, often reducing the confidence and clarity they are used to in their decisions and relationships.

Success and results got them noticed as leaders. They soon realise that continued high level success, at each new level of leadership, requires accessing aspects of themselves they’ve not yet developed. It is the insightful leaders who ask around and often find their way to my door.

Coaching restores their peace in the relationships and the decisions they navigate in the highly complex, ambiguous environment that is senior organisational leadership.

I am most often described as ‘insightful’ and ‘direct’.  With a business administration degree, a coaching certification, 10 years corporate experience and 10 years running my own business (coaching people in business), I bring a rare blend of strategy and Emotional Intelligence.

I combine my person with my education, global experience and tool kit (including behavioural and 360 type assessments) to develop my clients as organisational leaders.  They leave coaching with the tools and insights that expand their capacity to act with clarity and confidence.

Even the most talented leaders have gaps and blind spots.  That doesn’t limit their success.  Ignoring the gaps and blind spots is what really trips them up.

If you found yourself identifying with my ideal client, then you probably are him/her, and I invite you to call or email me to set up a consultation today to check the fit.

Tidbits about Gil
  1. enjoys rock-climbing with her family, and has been rock & ice mountaineering in Scotland
  2. has lived and worked in 6 countries on 4 continents
  3. is passionate about marriage and family – their importance in our society and the deep joy they bring
  4. always preferred “boy” games when growing up
  5. loves the combination of strong, bitter coffee and fudge.  Preferably in front of a fire with a good book or in the company of close friends.
  6. ran her first half-marathon 6 months after her 2nd baby and a broken ankle :)
  7. kayaked the open seas in New Zealand
  8. loves the energy and challenge of the business world
  9. descends from a Swedish whaler who landed in South Africa in the 1600’s
  10. has been on crutches 3 times – once from white water kayaking and twice from skiing
  11. favourite authors are :
    Adult books – C.S. Lewis, Children’s books – Roald Dhal
  12. loves “sit in the shade and sweat” heat
  13. is rejuvenated by backpacking in the mountains & back-country skiing
  14. emanates a deep joy, peace and commitment to excellence that come out of an intimate relationship with God, and through living out biblical values
  15. loves the solitude of long walks or runs on deserted beaches
  16. enjoys close fellowship with “comfy” friends and family
  17. comes from a large extended family (30 first cousins)
  18. heralds from South Africa which has moulded her character and will always be “in her blood”
  19. holds to the words of Margaret Thatcher (very loosely quoted);
    My family is at the centre of my life, but in no way is it the boundary of my ambitions
  20. is intrigued by history and stimulated by change
  21. loves Africa and has paddled with crocodiles and slept outdoors in lion country
Tools Gil Uses


  • Organisational & Leadership Agility
  • Leadership Coaching for Rising Stars and Executives
  • Team Coaching
  • Coaching through Conflict


Behavioural profiles:

  • DISC – Thomas Profile
  • Familiar with MBTI and others

360 Assessments:

  • LEADS 360
  • Choices Architect 360
  • Sigma Radius 360


  • Strategy
  • Performance Management
  • Effective Meetings
  • Change Leadership and Management
  • Manager as Coach
  • Conflict
  • …. Anything to do with Leadership within Organisations


  • Comprehensive, customised  programs to build strong leadership teams at the senior and emerging levels