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Maja is highly skilled as a coach.  She worked with me to leverage my strengths rather than focusing on my weaknesses.
Nona J., Business Owner 

As a highly motivated and thoughtful leader you want to support your team and your organization to fulfill their purpose. You know that this requires you to bring your best every day. But at times, you find yourself frozen in place or unsure of how to move forward, especially in a complex organization where the unspoken values can seem to be in conflict with the amazing place you know is possible.

Transformation is often a word used in coaching. When you work with me, we will seek new discoveries that will allow you to transform who you are as a leader. You will better understand the impact of who you are in relationship with others, enhance how you manage stressful environments, and become an agent of positive change in your workplace. You will be inspired to take a closer look at yourself, your leadership and your environment so you can successfully be that leader you’ve always dreamed of being.

People describe me as thoughtful, genuine, energetic, perceptive and not afraid to “call it like it is”. I bring my authentic curiosity to every coaching session and hold the space for you to discover what is needed for you right now.

I started my career as a Registered Dietitian, committed to wellness. I hold an MA in Leadership (Royal Roads University), and I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CTI), also accredited as an ACC through the International Coach Federation. I embrace change and in addition to coaching, work closely with senior leaders in organizations to make lasting change through the development of new and innovative programs. All these things come together in a dynamic way that is in service to you, my client.

Away from work, I am passionate about my family, and together with my husband, aim to share a love of travel, food, and books with my two terrific daughters!

Tidbits about Maja
  1. loves to scuba dive and has seen seahorses, dolphins, sharks and manta rays
  2. believes in the importance of family and cherishes time with her daughters – two amazingly unique individuals
  3. has played Ultimate Frisbee for years and found her true love doing so
  4. lived, studied and worked in Sweden for a couple of years
  5. is passionate about travel; first trip abroad at age 2, then backpacking through 21 countries on 3 continents
  6. loves to watercolour paint
  7. enjoys watching her garden produce…though she is often surprised by what happens!
  8. loves making jam and giving it away
  9. is passionate about promoting good health and healthy eating, which means to her, eating food as close to the grower as possible and processing as little as possible
  10. loves dark chocolate and anything made with dark chocolate J
  11. believes in the healing power of homemade soup – any kind
  12. had a Social Determinants of Health focus in her Master’s Thesis
  13. follows the philosophy of “leading from behind”
  14. reads voraciously!
  15. has an fantastically supportive husband
  16. grew up on a Christmas Tree Farm
  17.  loves to do complicated puzzles and digital scrapbooking
  18. had a life changing experience on a tiny fishing boat on Inle Lake in Myanmar (Burma)
  19. loves to laugh and spend time with good friends
  20. believes in sustainability through local food supplies, energy efficient choices and supporting local economies
  21. was a Certified Diabetes Educator for 10 years, supporting children and adults to successfully manage their chronic condition(s)
Tools Maja Uses


  • Leadership, Transitions, Change


  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building


Behavioural profiles:

  • EQi

360 Assessments:

  • EQ360