If you want to improve yourself or improve yourself as a leader, consider a professional coach. You won’t be disappointed and you will become a better leader.”          Divisional Director Civic Operations | City of Kelowna
Leadership Matters
actualising their 20 year (or even 100 year) vision requires action today.
                 OUR CLIENTS are those visionary leaders & organizations.

It is important to us that we work with clients where there is a good values fit.  Like our clients, we believe in a deeper, longer term investment that will create lasting, transferable impact.

We focus on developing core/foundational understanding, insight and tools that mature your key talent into versatile leaders who
build life-giving, productive and profitable organizations.

Talented individuals making up energised, productive teams, supported by structures that enable are all factors that define our
clients’ priorities.  They may not have got it all right, yet, but they understand the long term impact of getting it right and they
allocate budget accordingly.

As visionary leaders and organizations, our clients, understand that good character makes good leadership.  They are willing,
able and committed to invest and they choose us because of our core values and commitment to the same.  In 2011 this commitment led to one of our clients receiving an ICF Prism Award for innovative impact in the development of their key leaders.

Our Clients include:

advantage management consulting clients