Developing LEADERS through…  Coaching.   Assessments.   Training.   Connecting who we are to what we do.
Leading means having a view of the whole landscape.
and what lies BEFORE us
are tiny matters compared to
what lies WITHIN us.         Oliver Wendell Holmes

Executive Leadership Coaching and Team Development Solutions in Vancouver and Kelowna, British Columbia, and Calgary, Alberta

Boost your capacity for perceptive leadership and building productive, life-giving environments with advantage management consulting.

We provide a complete range of leadership development and coaching programs in Kelowna, Vancouver, British Columbia as well as in Calgary, Alberta (and beyond), ideal to best equip your organization’s leaders and departmental structures.
Whether you seek improvement through one-on-one executive coaching or to create an active and well-integrated management through team coaching and development, we customize our learning systems to suit your company and your goals.

“Listening means suspending your own assumptions and beliefs in order
to facilitate better understanding of what is being said.”
Gil Davidson

advantage management consulting – Leadership Development and Coaching Services

Our extensive leadership development and coaching solutions in British Columbia and Alberta, CA include:


One-on-one or Executive


Used For:

  • Confidential, in-depth, customised learning and is done mostly by phone.
  • The format and duration of the coaching will vary depending on the purpose of the coaching. Three different formats, covering four different scenarios, are detailed below.


  • An initial, 1.5 hour, intake session
  • Monthly meetings; Coach and coachee meet for a minimum of 6 months; either:
    • 2x 40min sessions per month
    • 3x 40min or 2x60min sessions per month
  • There may or may not be sponsor involvement; this aspect will be designed and agreed on at the start of the coaching.

Team Coaching works well when

the team:

  • has 4-8 individuals
  • is new or a seconded team coming together for a specific purpose or project

Examples of where group learning needs can be found are when teams:

  • are required to operate in a complex environment
  • effectiveness requires a high level of individual and group EQ
  • need to expedite the journey through forming-storming-norming-performing


  • 85%+ attendance by all
  • Anyone missing a meeting must appoint a ‘proxy’ to bring them up to speed before the next meeting

Group coaching works well when:

  • you have a group of 4-6 individuals
  • with similar learning needs.

Examples of where group learning needs can be found are:

  • first time managers,
  • key individuals who want to improve their ability to influence organisationally (organisational agility) or who are required to do external communications
  • individuals identified as mentors
  • working with a small group of key leaders to develop a broader base of any organisationally identified gap

Any behavioural learning need that is shared will work under a group coaching format.


Used for:

  • Coaching to resolve conflict between 2 or more leaders whose positions require that they work together or are interdependent.
  • It is an effective tool for addressing conflicts that affect the effectiveness of the organisation, however, the earlier it is applied the greater the success.
  • People who experience (or cause) conflict in one relationship usually have a pattern of conflict. Coaching uses the specific identified situation as an opportunity:
    to deal with this situation
    for a learning ground to break any negative patterns,
    to develop the coaches tool-kit for greater relational effectiveness in all their future dealings


All parties core to the conflict partake in the coaching
May include a combination of:
assessments (see assessment costing below)
one-on-one coaching (either through situational or long-term coaching, dependant on circumstances
facilitated meetings/group coaching with all parties involved
May include interviews within the broader organisation


Used For:

A specific situation:
finds a leader unsure of how to proceed,
where efforts to deal with a situation keep resulting in frustration
any short term situation where the leader has a good basic understanding of what needs to be done and their desired outcome, but isn’t confident in how to execute it
It is not consulting or problem solving, but coaching the individual(s) on how they must ‘show up’ in order to maximise their effectiveness in the situation


The frequency and duration of coaching sessions is decided (between coach and coachee) on a case by case basis – as determined by the needs of the situation.
It may require a once-off 1 to 2 hour session or multiple sessions scheduled around the unique needs of the specific situation and the coachee


Relationship Awareness Theory seeks to provide an effective means of understanding one’s self and understanding others, to the end that interpersonal interactions may be made as mutually productive and gratifying as possible or, where they cannot be mutually productive, that destructiveness of individual integrity be minimized (source: RAT Manual of Administration and Interpretation)

Executive Assessments

Executive 360° Assessment
Includes analysis and a 2 hour feedback session. Should assessments be part of a coaching process, they will replace the intake session.

      • Choices Architect Executive Competency Assessment
      • Sigma Group 360° Behavioural Feedback Tool
      • LEADS 360

Behavioural Assessments

Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)

Goals:Team Building

  • recognize what motivates their and others behaviour
  • understand the different strengths others bring to the job as well as how they can help each other
  • appreciate key issues of concern that people with other motivational value systems bring to task completion

Conflict Management

  • learn to distinguish the difference between warranted and unwarranted conflict
  • identify circumstances where they might encounter one or both types of conflict
  • learn how others respond and what those responses mean
  • Portrait of Overdone Strengths
    Identify the things that may cause preventable conflict in their relationships
Influencing Styles Assessment
A great tool for anyone who needs to influence the adoption and implementation of an idea.
      Meyers Briggs (MBTI)
      The purpose of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality inventory is to make the theory of psychological types described by C. G. Jung understandable and useful in people’s lives. The essence of the theory is that much seemingly random variation in the behavior is actually quite orderly and consistent, being due to basic differences in the ways individuals prefer to use their perception and judgment.

        Individuals differ in how they perceive and how they process decisions. It is reasonable further asert that they differ correspondingly in their interests, reactions, values, motivations, and skills.”
        MBTI aims to make the insights of type theory accessible to individuals and groups. The goals of the MBTI instrument are:
        The identification of basic preferences of each of the four dichotomies specified or implicit in Jung’s theory.
        The identification and description of the 16 distinctive personality types that result from the interactions among the preferences.
        MBTI is a rich and complex tool. It is requires significant knowledge of the tool to get the full value and is more suited to some organizations than others.

      Chat to our experts to find out if it is the tool for you or if a different assessment will be a better fit.

If you’re looking for an easy to understand tool with high accuracy, DISC may be your tool of choice. As with all behavioural assessments, DISC is used to:

  • Better personal awareness (would suggest done together with a 360 tool)
  • Increased team awareness; shows degree of diversity or sameness within a team and possible gaps as a result
  • Improve team communication and effectiveness
  • Comprehensive Leadership Development

    Call or email us to ask about our award winning comprehensive leadership development program that continues to have huge impact for executive or senior management or emerging leaders our clients.

    Need specific Facilitation or Workshops

    Call or email us to ask if we have what you’re looking for. Our broad range of skills and experience means that if it is anything to do with leadership or organisational structure and culture, we probably do.

    Culture Shift and Change Management

    Give us a call or email us to find out how we will work with you to identify and co-design a process that has lasting impact long after we’re gone.

    Conflict resolution

    Conflict is never pleasant and if left it doesn’t go away, it just gets worse. The good news is that it often points our areas where we as individuals, teams and organisations can grow and, when we deal with the root issues, we are left stronger as a result.Give us a call or email to find out how. Also click on the expanding title for conflict coaching to get insight into one of the tools we use.