Developing LEADERS through…  Coaching.   Assessments.   Training.   Connecting who we are to what we do.
Leading means having a view of the whole landscape.
and what lies BEFORE us
are tiny matters compared to
what lies WITHIN us.         Oliver Wendell Holmes

Executive Leadership Coaching and Team Development Solutions in Vancouver and Kelowna, British Columbia, and Calgary, Alberta

Boost your capacity for perceptive leadership and building productive, life-giving environments with advantage management consulting.  We provide a complete range of leadership development and coaching programs in and around Kelowna, Vancouver, British Columbia as well as Calgary, Alberta (and beyond), ideal to best equip your organization’s leaders and departmental structures.

Over the years of working with us, their demonstrated  understanding of organizational  and leadership development , as well as their commitment to understanding our culture, has led us to make advantage management consulting a preferred provider.
Stu Leatherdale, Divisional Director – HR & Corporate Performance, City of Kelowna

Leader Development

Emerging and Executive



Each stage of Leadership comes with different challenges:

  • Emerging Leaders
  • Senior and Executive Leaders
  • Spacious Complexity (Leading within complexity for experienced executives)
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders


Leader and High Potential



We have provided executive and leadership coaching to over 1,250 leaders, with 40% of those at the senior to c-suite level.

  • Leader and High Potential
  • Team Coaching
  • Situational Coaching
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders


Prevention and Cure



Conflict is inevitable. How it is handled makes the difference between building a robust, healthy or a toxic environment.

  • Prevention
  • Cure


Behavioural and 360



Our team is certified in a range of 360 and behavioural assessment tools.
We work with you to identify the best assessment for your unique context and purpose.

All our programs are designed around core philosophical pillars that give them their integrity. Where any of those pillars already exist in your internal programs/processes we customise our programs/processes by replacing our elements with yours.

“Listening means suspending your own assumptions and beliefs in order
to facilitate better understanding of what is being said.”
Gil Davidson