What Drives Us

Building leaders’ capacity to create life-giving, productive, profitable organizations and societies.

…ALWAYS TREAT YOUR EMPLOYEES exactly as you want them
to treat your BEST CUSTOMER.  You can buy a person’s hand,
You can buy his BACK, but you can’t buy his BRAIN.  That’s where
his creativity is, his ingenuity, his resourcefulness lies.            Steven Covey

As coaches specialising in organizational leadership: What drives us?
We are drawn, rather than driven, by the thrill of seeing organizational cultures become productive, profitable, life-giving environments in which people thrive.

Co-designing we walking alongside as a catalyst for organizational leaders to discover themselves and their power, as they develop their character.  We are compelled by a love for what happens when people let go of the need to be driven and discover the power and joy of unforced excellence.  Equipping leaders to grow in their ability to lead themselves and others with the quiet confidence that comes from self-awareness and not shying from either the strength or weakness they know in themselves.

We invite you to read the Interesting Tid Bits at the end of our bios on the Team page to get more of a sense of what is important
to each of us.

…Hidden in every life and every organization is an interesting story, with more chapters still to be written.