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Adaptability is a key indicator of success and a critical skill for all leaders. Read your results below...


A total score of 0 indicates that you are seldom adaptable. This means that, while you can be successful you could be easily thrown and will not be able to transfer that success outside a narrowly defined circumstance.

Growing as a leader will require stepping outside your usual learning methods with a focus on increasing your adaptability. Consider working with a mentor and/or professional, certified coach.

Openness to feedback, criticism and willingness to try something new

  • Willing to come out of their comfort zone
  • Handles criticism and negative feedback well
  • Knows what is important
  • Learns from multiple sources
  • Limits emotionality
  • Awareness of impact
  • Avoids generalities

Your Openness Score:

Your score in this area is low, indicating that you are often closed to feedback, criticism and unwilling (or seldom willing) to try new things. This shows you as seldom adaptable and will have significant impact on the range of situations you are likely to succeed in.

Moving to a more open approach is not an easy task and requires identifying and addressing the internal barriers that keep you closed. Should you want to improve your leadership adaptability in this area it will require starting by stepping out of your comfort zone and enlisting the help of others to challenge you. We recommend working with a professional, certified coach who is effective at building this skill.

Scope of interests, skills and behaviours

  • Not Habit Bound
  • Not narrow will move out of technical specialty

Your Breadth of Scope Score:

Your score in this area is low, indicating that you have a narrow breadth of scope. This translates to a low adaptability outside of your area of expertise and will limit your success in new or unfamiliar circumstances - significantly impacting the range of situations you are likely to succeed in. Getting yourself on projects or leadership opportunities and reading books or articles outside your area of technical expertise will help increase this adaptability factor.

As with any behavioural change, the retention of a professional, certified coach will serve you well as you stretch and challenge yourself.

Capability for personal change

  • Can explain the why and how
  • Demanding of subordinates
  • Not only thinks of new approaches; actually tries them
  • Tolerance for ambiguity; not over-controlling

Your Capability of Personal Change Score:

You have low score in this area, indicating that you are seldom adaptable and demonstrate low personal change. High adaptability in personal change enables leaders to work in complex and ambiguous situations as they can learn and integrate learning into their behaviour as a daily habit. Your score indicates that you find it hard to make "just-in-time" changes in how you work even when the circumstances require it. This is the most difficult of the 3 skills to develop on your own. Working with a professional, certified coach is one of the most effective ways of building this skill.

We trust that this brief report has given you some insights into your existing strengths and how to continue to grow as an adaptable leader. If you are curious about what it is like to work with one of our coaches, you can explore this report in more depth with one of our coaches as a free, no obligation consultation.