A Tribute to the Founders of Coaching

It is Coaching Week  2017 and  it seems fitting that  we pay tribute to a few of the founders of this amazing profession; Sir John Whitmore, Timothy Gallwey and Laura Whitworth.  Each has had also, unknowingly, shaped the foundation of my coaching.
Thank-you to all of you for your integrity and passion that began and continues to impact the now established profession of Leadership and Executive coaching.
John Whitmore - Coaching Founder
Sir John Whitmore’s book Coaching for Performance was the first book I read on coaching.  He died last month having made a significant impact on the world coaching extending beyond the realm of sports into leadership and business.  As with most executive coaches he entered the profession (or in his case helped build the profession) after success in a previous career – as a British racing driver – with 2 championship titles to his name.
Sir John and  Timothy Gallwey (tennis expert), developed the Inner Game methodology or performance coaching that is the heart of all executive coaching models.
Timothy Gallwey - Tennis Coach Timothy Gallwey - Coaching Quote
More on the inner game and Timothy Gallwey:
“The “inner game” is based upon certain principles in which an individual uses non-judgmental observations of critical variables, with the purpose of being accurate about these observations. If the observations are accurate, the person’s body will adjust and correct automatically to achieve best performance.  Gallwey was one of the first to demonstrate a comprehensive method of coaching that could be applied to many situations, and found himself lecturing more often to business leaders in the U.S. than to sports people.” Wikipedia
I have used this principle with great results in my own life in with my coaching clients.
Laura Whitworth was one of the founders of CTI, the first Coaching School to be accredited and where I was certified.Laura Whitworth - quote
She was also a founder of the International Coach Federation (ICF) which now has over 13,000 members and has been instrumental in establishing Coaching as a legitimate profession internationally.
She entered coaching after some time in Alaska as an Adventure Tour guide and hunter and a stint in the Peace Corps.
Each has lived an interesting life, all are trailblazers.  Interestingly I find this to be true of many coaches I meet.
I am an unashamed champion of coaching I have seen the benefit of it in my own life and I continue to be amazed at how significant an impact it has with my clients.  Not only while they are coaching with me, but long after the coaching has finished.  I guess it speaks to my personal value around impact that lasts.   If you’ve never worked with a coach before (as a company or an individual), do yourself a favour and make the investment.  Choose a certified coach that is a good fit for your need and style.  You won’t regret it!
Share your own coaching stories and tributes in the comments section below.