Our Team

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.John Lennon

Executive Coaching increases effectiveness and fun!

“Instead of separation and division, all distinctions make for a RICH DIVERSITY to be celebrated for the sake of the UNITY that underlies them.

We are different so that we can know our need of one another, for NO ONE is ultimately self-sufficient.”                              Desmond Tutu

 “My coach was perfectly professional, meaning to the highest degree with keeping it real
and making a connection, rather than too business like.”

Strength and innovation both increase with diversity.  After 10 years, as an independent coach and consultant in the Kelowna, Gil Davidson invited a select group of the British Columbia and Alberta's best to join her in serving her clients.  Each has a background that is as varied as it is outstanding.  Each is equally successful and unique.  It is an honour to invite you to meet this team.

Anita Bakker

Anita’s coaching practice and learning philosophy is with the belief that self-discovery in the development of personal and professional leadership (personal mastery) is “the fountain of youth”! It’s refreshing, revitalizing, energizing, satisfying and rewarding as the positive impact extends far beyond expectation through enhanced relational benefits. Learn more about Anita »

Gil Davidson

Gil coaches individuals and teams of Rising Stars. Those already in the executive-suite or who have the potential to be there. Talented individuals and teams who want to grow their leadership Learn more about Gil »

Amanda Delamer

I coach evolving and expanding leaders. I coach leaders who are ready to courageously acknowledge and honour their presence, their impact and responsibility as leaders AND live a life that is meaningful and fulfilling to them. My clients are self-aware, they live fulfilled and meaningful lives true to who they are at their very core, and they motivate and elevate those they lead and work with. Learn more about Amanda »

Evonne Dolphin

Evonne coaches leaders who are passionate about high performance teams. Her coaching philosophy is one of partnership that leverages leaders' unique talents and strengths. Her coaching develops skills and competencies that lead to higher levels of performance for individuals and their teams.

She is a seasoned coach and facilitator and has delivered over 1200 hours of coaching to individuals in dozens of organizations across Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Learn more about Evonne »

Maja Karlsson

I have a passion for making workplace environments thrive and am committed to supporting leaders to build an organizational culture where their teams can do great things. This is the kind of culture where people look forward to coming in the morning, are energized throughout the day, and still have something “left” when they leave so they can spend time doing the other things they love. I believe it is in the leaders that this way of being can succeed. Learn more about Maja »

Bruce Swan

Bruce is an Executive Coach who brings over thirty years Senior Executive experience to the table.

“I have enjoyed Bruce’s professionalism and abilities in helping me throughout our coaching sessions. Coaching assists in maintaining a sense of hope and calmness in my life. After meeting with him, a colleague who previously had been reluctant to use a coach became a convert and now has Bruce as his coach!” Vicky Huehn, ED, Frontenac Community Mental Health Learn more about Bruce »

Sarah Wildeman

Sarah Wildeman

Sarah creates safe and engaging space for you to understand yourself on a whole new level. She is known for her ability to get beyond what presents on the surface to the underlying beliefs or patterns that get in the way. She speaks honestly and directly with gentleness and clarity. Whether in a group, or one-on-one, Sarah has an eye to truly see people and to call them to their highest potential. Learn more about Sarah »