Maja Karlsson

Maja Karlsson

A leader who aspires to live a simple and joy-filled life, Maja is passionate about supporting her clients to achieve the same. Organizations and personal lives can create chaos and overwhelm, but together with Maja, you will create clarity, and alleviate the disarray caused by too much chaos, pressure and commitment. When you work with Maja, you’ll work smarter, not harder, and create the space to honour your whole self – not just the part of you that comes to work every day.

Maja works with leaders to get unstuck from current limiting patterns. Clients take action in a new way because they are finally able to pay true attention through the utilization of stories, metaphors, visualizations and imagery!

It is because of her work experience that Maja anchors her coaching in the concept of Emotional Intelligence. The difference between an emotionally intelligent leader and the rest is profound. If you’ve heard this is your gap, Maja is the coach for you!

Maja has been a leader in organizations for over 20 years. Today she coaches other leaders who are prepared to leave behind ways of being that are no longer serving; to embrace their personal greatness.

Maja came to coaching in a round-about way. She is a Registered Dietitian, has a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (accredited as a PCC through the International Coaches Federation). Though many years of experience working in large organizations and in the non-profit sector, leading teams, creating innovative programs, and making an impact is what gives Maja her edge.

Clients describe Maja as thoughtful, perceptive and authentic; not afraid to say what needs to be said. They appreciate her ability to ask the right question at the right time. Maja’s goal is to create a safe and trusting environment that supports clients to be both courageous and vulnerable as they envision and move towards being their very best selves.

Don’t wait. Connect today. Imagine the possibilities.

Tidbits about Maja
  1. Loves to scuba dive and has seen seahorses, dolphins, sharks and manta rays
  2. Believes in the importance of family and cherishes time with her daughters – two amazingly unique individuals
  3. Has played Ultimate Frisbee for years and found her true love doing so
  4. Lived, studied and worked in Sweden for a couple of years
  5. Is passionate about travel; first trip abroad at age 2, then backpacking through 21 countries on 3 continents
  6. Loves to watercolour paint
  7. Enjoys watching her garden produce…though she is often surprised by what happens!
  8. Loves making jam and giving it away
  9. Is passionate about promoting good health and healthy eating, which means to her, eating food as close to the grower as possible and processing as little as possible
  10. Loves dark chocolate and anything made with dark chocolate
  11. Believes in the healing power of homemade soup – any kind
  12. Had a Social Determinants of Health focus in her Master’s Thesis
  13. Follows the philosophy of “leading from behind”
  14. Reads voraciously!
  15. Has an fantastically supportive husband
  16. Grew up on a Christmas Tree Farm
  17.  Loves to do complicated puzzles and digital scrapbooking
  18. Had a life changing experience on a tiny fishing boat on Inle Lake in Myanmar (Burma)
  19. Loves to laugh and spend time with good friends
  20. Believes in sustainability through local food supplies, energy efficient choices and supporting local economies
  21. Was a Certified Diabetes Educator for 10 years, supporting children and adults to successfully manage their chronic condition(s)

Maja also loves life-coaching and has her own life coaching business. If coaching isn’t supported by your organization, and you don’t need corporate integration, but are looking for great coaching that fits a household budget visit: Maja T. Karlsson

Tools Maja Uses


  • Leadership, Transitions, Change


  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building


Behavioural profiles:

  • EQi

360 Assessments:

  • EQ360

Before Maja and I began working together, I was ‘reactive’ and task-oriented. Through coaching, I now see the importance of consciously visualizing outcomes, how to tackle complex, multi-faceted projects with more success and have much better clarity on who I am as a leader. What I found really beneficial about this process was that it was scheduled time for reflection, discussion, discovering new ideas and perspectives and goal setting. I would not have focused in this way on my own.

Colleen – Crime Prevention Supervisor

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