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Team Workshops

We work with teams to create long-lasting results that overflow to the rest of your organization.

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Whether you’re looking for something custom made or ready made, we have what you’re looking for.

Review our offerings below and then let’s talk about what’s going to work best for your organizational needs.


Tailored Workshops

Ranging from
4 to 24 months

Customised to your culture and needs, building ownership and effectiveness in your teams.

Tailored Workshops

Our tailored workshops are specially designed for each situation and workplace culture.

By sharing your specific needs and concerns with us, our coaches create unique workshops which produce long-lasting effects for you and your team.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us for a 100% customised program.

Strategically Engaged Teams

Our coach-facilitators uncover insights which shape participants’ thinking about their role both strategically and proactively.

Equip your team with a forward-thinking mindset.  Allow them to run towards corporate goals together as a unit.

In this way employees recognize the value and need for their contributions.


Detoxing Work Environments (Moving beyond conflict)

We have a proven record of partnering with key stakeholders, identifying and providing them with the right tools to shift the atmosphere. We partner with  you to identify and develop strategies, insights and shifts needed to detox any work environment, working from the root up, in a healthy and effective way.

Built Just for You

Not quite sure what you need?

Talk with one of our coach-facilitators, as a team, we can work together with you to determine which strategies are needed in your sessions.

Once we know your needs one of us will come alongside you and develop a custom design from the ground up.


“Off The Rack” Workshops

Ranging from
2 hrs to 18 months

These standardized sessions are light-hearted & impactful with practical insights for effective leadership.



Co-operation to Collaboration

Raise your game and remove barriers to providing clients with consistent, seamless service.

Set your teams on a course which leads to greater efficiency and joy where productivity is dependent on collaboration.

Learn More.

Leverage Team Strengths

Choose an option to increase self-awareness and leveraging the strengths within your teams.

Throughout these sessions, we provide practical insight which can be used at work and in your day-to-day life.

  • Strengths Finder
    Rethink how your team works.
    Leveraging their strengths.
    Accomplish more with less effort.
  • DISC 3.0 – The Full Package
    Discover the strengths, motivations and EI.
    Shape team interactions.
    Maximize effectiveness.

Navigating Uncertainty

A fun, interactive workshop to develop a personal ‘compass’ to navigate the corporate landscape when  things are changing too often, too uncertain or just too unclear to rely on a road maps or GPS!

A full day of in-person fun or an adapted virtual option over two 2hour sessions.



Inject some fun, practical learning into your lunch time with one or all of our lunch-and-learn workshops:

  • Diversity & Inclusion – moving past political correctness to discover the robust value in true inclusion
  • Meetings that work
  • Performance Management – a perspective shift
  • Mentorship made easy
  • The Art of Delegation

All these sessions are perfect for building the teams’ learning and connection.

Regardless of which session you choose, your team will leave energized with practical tips they can implement immediately.


Learn effective leadership skills.