Leaders: Reflecting on the good ones – Part 3

Where have all the good leaders gone? I invite you to join by sharing your own stories of leaders you admire and also by adding your reflections on leaders you admire.

Mahatma Gandhi

– Preeminent leader of the Indian independence movement


Gandhi – Young and Ambitious

As a brilliant young lawyer from a good family Mahatma Gandhi’s future was bright.  He was on track to be a good lawyer and make lots of money until, while riding in first class on a South African train, he bumped into the realities of colonialism in the form of Apartheid.  He was forcibly told to go into the crowed 3rd class cars.
He was not allowed to ride in 1st class because his race was discriminated against by oppressive laws.
He could have chosen to continue as he was and not challenge the powers that be, but a deeply held value in him was awakened that day.
After leading protests against the unjust South African laws he returned to India and pursued a life very different from the one he set out to achieve and one that has his name indelibly written in our history books.


Legendary Leadership

Often misunderstood, he stuck to his values, tested his actions and beliefs with a few trusted colleagues and lived the balance of his life consistently choosing what he believed was right and best for the society he loved.
The last 14 years of his life saw 5 attempted assassinations.  The last attempt, in January 1948, was successful and he died an inspiration to us all.
His life if marked by discipline, consultation, collaboration, standing for justice and counting, not shrinking from the cost, humility and self-sacrifice.
Such leadership is as scarce as it is costly.  We pay tribute to his life.