The Creative Power of Simply Being

Even when we choose not to contribute, we are NOT not contributing.  Whole Systems Thinking teaches us that simply by observing a ‘system’ we change it.  As humans we are inherently creative beings.  From the moment that the sperm meets egg we being to alter things – before  consciousness we have an impact and create new ways of thinking and being. Any parent or grandparent knows how true this is!
A mentor of mine reminded me of this when he said, “You can have more impact with 1 hour of presence than a year of explaining.”
The business people in the above picture may be incredibly creative, have great wisdom and have much to offer, but their presence is creating….fill in the blanks……
As a leader, I have realised that my greatest contribution, is neither when I withdraw, nor when I shine brighter than the rest, but rather when my presence makes it possible for the genius of all to surface.  I am always joyfully surprised by the superiority of what the communal consciousness creates, when I have the discipline to notice how my presence is affecting others’ permission to co-create rather than seeking input from the ‘gifted few’.
I am not talking about a lowest common denominator.  Rather, a richer form of creating and building that invites.  That improves because it is refined through the creativity brought by those with completely different gifting to me.
This has required that I bring my contribution in a way that gives permission for all others to bring theirs.
Here is a short video clip of someone else who has discovered the extraordinary impact of seeing and welcoming the giftedness of all.

DJ De Pree noticed with new eyes and that shifted forever how he showed up as a leader. The same is true for me.
I invite you, over the next couple of weeks, to notice how the way you see others invites or shuts down their creative contribution.  We would love to hear your stories and/or thoughts about this.  Use the comment box below to join the conversation.