When a Dead-end kick-starts your success.

I’d like to share a story with you.  A story of beginnings.  A story of discovery.  A story that I hope begins to show what we believe so deeply about the forces at the heart of Spacious Complexity.
As a person who values meaningful, lasting impact I always give myself fully to whatever I do.  A few years ago I found myself questioning the value of the leadership development work I was doing.  Not if it was of value to the client.  I only do work I believe is valuable for my client.
I was questioning how it was a meaningful use of my life to give it to providing the same leadership development work that consultants on every ‘leadership-corner’ were providing.  God gifted me with an ability to see things from unique perspectives and to reframe things in ways that open new understanding.  So why was I relying on the work of others?  Where was my original work?
I started asking the hard questions – could I see any universal leadership gaps that weren’t already addressed in leadership material out there.  I didn’t know it at the time, but it was the force of Creativity or the drive to build or to create to have unique impact that was behind my need to apply myself in this way.
Thus began a 4 year process of observation, discussion, discovery, testing, discarding and some more ruminating.  The more I looked, the more my convictions were affirmed.  The more I tested my thinking with other leaders, the more it was validated.  Early on in the process I recognised that I needed ‘more than me’ if I really cared about developing something meaningful.  (The Force of Belonging was unknowingly having its way with me).
One year into my process I asked Anita to join me in my observe, test, ruminate cycle.  Anita and I always find ‘creative genius’ when we get together.  This was no exception.  Very early on Anita brought the Force of Invisibility to my attention: every visible action has an invisible component that impacts the action.  In conversation with Anita, I stumbled upon the Law or Force of Continuum: all things (in the relational realm, and most things beyond it) exist on a continuum.
We continued to explore and test how these forces, as well as the Force of Reciprocity and the Force of Choice were at the heart of the leadership gap I had identified and so we knew we had an incredible, transformational and unique product.  That the rest of the world didn’t know about.
Enter Deb.  A while ago I was sharing our concepts with Deb when it became clear that she needed to be part of our team.  So the ‘creativity of two’ became the ‘alchemy of 3’ and each day the concept moved closer to becoming a product and now a business.
Every time you read, share and/or comment on our blog you become part of that creative journey with us and belong – in some way – to the outcome of what we bring to the world through Spacious Complexity.