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Building leaders’ capacity to create life-giving, productive, profitable organizations and societies.
LEADERSHIP attracts a unique group of people;
those who CREATE their own destiny
and are intentional about
the IMPACT they have on their environment.

Specialists in Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Team Development, and Organisational Agility

Serving over 7,400 leaders in Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and beyond.

Equipping individuals and groups for dynamic leadership that builds productive, profitable organizations.

Advantage management consulting offers the key to a powerful improvement specific to your organization’s needs.

We Believe

Life-Giving Organizations Lead To Life-Giving Societies.

Our purpose
Equip you (the Organization’s Leaders) to create Life-Giving Environments within your organizations.

Our team members have provided executive and leadership coaching to over 1,250 leaders, with 40% of that at the senior to c-suite level.  Equipping over 6, 300 leaders, from more than 450 companies, through team development training, assessments and leadership development in Vancouver and Kelowna,  across British Columbia, Calgary, Alberta, Toronto, Ontario and globally.

From competency assessments to conflict resolution and one-on-one consultations, we build a comprehensive learning experience geared towards a positive change that will guide your business on the road to corporate stability and success and life-giving impact.

Leadership coaches and consultants abound. What Differentiates Us?

We understand that effective leaders and fully committed teams are critical to building progressive and profitable organizations.

Our core practices focus on behavioural development which builds the capacity of knowledgeable managers and directors. Through our processes they learn how to exercise wisdom beyond logic and ably lead their companies regardless of complexity.  Leadership is both science and art.  Good leaders understand the need to continuously grow themselves and their teams understanding and application of both.  We partner with our clients to do just that!

Respect for your existing processes and skill means we customise all our programs through a process that integrates internal and external expertise.

Leadership is both science and art. We partner with organizations and leaders who understand the need to continuously grow themselves and their teams understanding and application of both. We partner with our clients to do just that!

More than head knowledge we bring unique BEHAVIOURAL LEARNING processes that develop leaders for real life leadership.

Executive leadership coaching and leadership development processes, in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, support our commitment to building self-awareness and organizational agility in the complex, ambiguous world of emerging and senior leadership.

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