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12 months

Monthly retainer of $960.45 per participant

Moving beyond silos into corporate leadership

Create a cross-divisional sense of unity and collaboration.

A blended learning approach that draws on existing expertise while adding new insights.

With 2 to 3 touch points a month, the program combines executive coaching, peer learning groups, workshops, action learning, reading and more to create a rich environment of learning and cross-functional relationship building.

Participants emerge with a deeper trust, understanding of interdependencies and ability to communicate which boosts company efficiency and profitability. With all divisions communicating effectively there is a heightened sense of community and common purpose, essential for future-proofing your company’s vision.

In-Person Pricing:
Monthly retainer of $960.45 per participant
(total per participant cost $11,525.00)
Virtual Pricing:
Customised pricing based on program adaption

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“I can say with certainty that a positive and 
significant shift is occurring. 

Part of my role is to introduce new directions and new ways of work and I can already see that the Leadership Development Program is paving the way.”

Dave – Director of Strategic Initiatives

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