Phone or Virtual Platforms

6 months

$5,530.00 per coachee

Growing leader’s capacity, courage and confidence

Maximize corporate efficiencies and give your organization a competitive edge by building your leaders’ ability to adapt their ‘best self’ to any situation so they consistently succeed, even in uncharted territory.

Confidential, in-depth and customised , coaching builds self-awareness and self-leadership behaviours which result in improved relational and decision making capacity.

Clients consistently report that, unlike other forms of training, the benefit and growth continues for years after coaching as they apply the new habits and tools developed during coaching.

This powerful process is one of the best ways to equip your high-potential talent for best results in their current role and to prepare then for future roles. Coaching starts with a 1.5-2hr intake session and continues for 6 months with two 40min sessions monthly.

Absolute confidentiality provides the safety for the leader to be vulnerable and the coach to challenge their growth-edge. The leaders’ sponsor is included in the process, to set goals and support growth, while maintaining absolute confidentiality around the content of the coaching calls.

$5,530.00 for 6 months coaching

Pricing Breakdown:
$790.00 Initial intake session
$790.00 per month
“I would highly recommend Advantage Management Consulting.

Working through the coaching processes, the level of maturity and composure I have gained, while building my confidence, is beyond what I could have expected.

The tips and tools learned will assist me in advancing the leadership aspect of my career.” 

Wendy – Procurement Management Supervisor

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